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Love, Me is a 90 minute self care session. 

Join Sam for journey into self care from the comfort of your own home.

This live online session will help you build a self care action plan that actually works for you. Through guided meditation, journaling prompt, and tips that have worked to transform her own self care routine, Sam will help you find what works for you – because we’re all unique.

Set aside 90 minutes for YOU and indulge.

This session will be live streamed on Zoom so it’s open to anyone, no matter where you live. 

Shiva Shakti Yoga Workshop: Spine, Neck and Shoulders

Shiva is masculine energy. Shakti is feminine energy. This Shiva Shakti journey is a journey about you. Your body, mind and spirit. Combining the best of modern mobility practices with ancient yoga techniques. With a focus on your shoulders, neck and spine, we will work through asana, natural movement practices, anatomical releases and then move into a kundalini practice, pranayama and restorative postures to gently bring healing energy to these areas, ending with blissful meditation and relaxation. A joy filled practice of yoga in all its aspects, allowing you to explore your breath, spirit and physicality.

Integrating modern Western anatomy and physiology with ancient evolutionary energy practices. We will explore how to move the shoulder, neck and spine and improve mobility, strength, resilience, sensitivity and coordination. Create new patterns and habits of movement to increase your trust and experience in the body and reach your full movement potential.

A little bit of movement and a little bit of bliss – this workshop is designed to nourish your body, open up your heart, heal your mind and listen to your body from the inside out.

All levels are welcome.

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