This class is not just for beginners, but for anyone wanting to dive deeper into understanding their asana practice. Alignment-based we take time to break down and explore the movements and make them comfortable for your body, tailoring your practice to suit your unique self.


A faster paced class that will be based on vinyasa principles, linking the breath and movement together. Any experience level welcome, but please let the teacher know if you’re new.

Slow Flow

A slower paced class where we focus on breath, alignment, and offer various modifications. This class is suitable for all experience levels, from absolute beginners to experienced practitioners; anyone who wants to slow things down a bit.


A class where we focus on functional mobility, increasing joint range of motion, and have the opportunity to play.
Combining strength building, mindful movement, and breathing techniques to develop healthy mobility at any age.


YoMo (Yoga & Mobility) is the same Slow Flow style you know and love, but with just a few extra mobility moments sprinkled in. In this class we'll connect to the breath, move mindfully, and end with a few moments of rest to let it all absorb.


Get comfy! Our modern lives have us stressed out, busy, and energy drained. Restore lets your body relax in comfortable, supported positions that encourage the mind to settle and the stress to dissipate.

Please bring additional layers with you to this class to make sure you're warm and comfy.


A floor based practice where the poses are typically held for 3-5 minutes. The poses work to release the connective tissues of the body with passive stretching and help to move energy around the body’s many channels.

The accessibility of yin makes it suitable for all levels but it is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.


A blend of the solar and lunar side of practice. The first half of the class is filled with luscious flowing movement. The second half is floor based; combining yin, restorative, and meditation all topped off with a nice, long savasana.


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Bring a little more mindfulness into your day.

This guided practice is great whether you meditate every day or have never experienced the technique.


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This 4-week course allows you time to learn the common poses you'll see in many classes and learn how to tailor them to your body.

The course also includes an introduction to breathwork and meditation.


A fast-paced flow class that will welcome the opportunity for inversions, deep strength poses, and other challenges. The skilled teacher will create an environment where you can safely learn and explore asana that may be a little more difficult than our other class offerings.

Open to all levels and as with all our classes you can take things at your own pace.


In this class we use a combination of foam rollers, balls, straps, and bands to work lose the connective tissue of the body, fascia. You’ll leave buzzing and feeling open and relaxed.

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